Our mission

Every day we want to dedicate ourselves 100% to fulfil our threefold mission on a high quality level:

  • 100% dedication to protect and optimise the fertility of all our patients and thus help them to have a healthy child;
  • 100% dedication for independent and innovative studies about all aspects of human fertility. For this we invest in a global exchange of researchers in our field of expertise;
  • 100% ambition to increase the knowledge of all stakeholders – researchers, students, parents, children, etc. – as much as possible, by spreading our knowledge through education, training and communication.
Belgium - international reputation fertility treatments

International reputation

Belgium is a pioneer of fertility treatments both in Europe and worldwide.
IVF - in vitro fertilisation

In Vitro Fertilisation

Belgium is known for having artificial insemination centers specialized in IVF.
artificial insemination

Artificial insemination

Fertilisation occurs in the mother's body using the partner's or donor sperm.
Artificial insemination by donor

Insemination by donor

Fertilisation occurs within the mother's body using cells from an anonymous or…
Fertility treatments

Other treatments

ICSI, insemination, fertility surgery, sterility issues, ...
Fertility Belgium - IVF hands


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