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Belgium has a unique reputation in the area of medical treatments. The specialists, specialised centres and medical treatments are among the world’s very best. Patients from every continent can be treated here, irrespective of their religion, race or personal beliefs. Now, how exactly can you benefit from the country’s medical excellence?

International centre of medical excellence

Belgium’s health service is known for its easy accessibility and high-quality treatment. With 4 doctors per 1,000 inhabitants, Belgium is well above the OECD 2.9 average. In 2016, the Belgian healthcare system has even been ranked 4th among 35 countries in Europe, according to an annual report released by the Sweden-based Health Consumer Powerhouse (HCP). This is the highest score since the index was introduced in 2015 and proof that Belgium keeps investing in qualitative healthcare.

The Belgian system focusses on excellent service and aims to help everyone with any kind of medical problem. As a result, people are not afraid to seek help and have quick access to the care they need. Patient rights and information, treatment outcomes and range of services also reached a remarkably high score.

IVF - legal restriction

Furthermore, it is important to note that most doctors and medical staff speak other languages such as English very well, which strengthens the claim that Belgian healthcare is among the best in Europe, and perhaps even in the world. For languages that are not covered by medical staff, we can provide qualified and discrete interpreters.

Medical research

One of the main reasons Belgium is able to maintain its leading position as to qualitative treatments, is the continuous investment in medical research. A great example is the Centre for Reproductive Medicine in Brussels. Their research field concerns, amongst others, reproductive genetics and reproductive immunology. Each year, they bring out up to 70 scientific publications, revealing important findings and improving fertility treatments even further.

How are sperm, eggs and embryos stored?

Various treatments

The many years of medical research have resulted in a great knowledge base and a wide range of treatments and techniques. For fertility treatments only, we can distinguish numerous techniques that we apply according to each patient’s personal situation:

The best method of treatment depends on the nature of your fertility problem and will always be extensively discussed with your doctor.

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