International reputation

Belgian clinics have an international reputation as pioneers in the development of reproductive techniques for fertility treatments:

Our medical practice is based on an accredited quality assurance system.
Our care programmes are always the result of follow-up studies of patients.

(New) fertility programmes always are checked against their results in terms of:

  • effects on patients
  • success rate
  • progress of the pregnancy
  • health of mother and baby

International patients

Belgium is a pioneer of fertility treatments both in Europe and worldwide, particularly in vitro fertilisation.

This is why the doors of our fertility centre are open to couples with fertility problems from all over the world.

In this way, we can successfully treat patients from every continent, irrespective of their religion, race or personal beliefs. We also aim to provide perfect medical service to all our patients, including those who come from outside Belgium.

Of course there is the fact that foreign patients cannot benefit from the same health insurance cover arrangements as patients with Belgian citizenship.

If you want specific information about the cost price of fertility treatment, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Why Belgium is the top choice


Belgium has a dense network of both public and private hospitals with a strong medical infrastructure, high standards of quality and prompt services. Here you will quickly get an appointment that suits you, and that goes for all possible medical issues.

Medical care is accessible to everyone in Belgium and receives strong government support. Thanks to the high accessibility of medical treatment in Belgium, we are able to offer customized prices to our clients.

Belgium is the nerve centre of Europe. Multilingualism is part of the Belgian DNA. Here, doctors who speak fluent French, English, German and even some more languages are rather the rule than the exception. Generally, nursing and support staff also have a basic command of foreign languages, so they can provide optimal assistance and care to foreign-language speakers.

Our university programmes, scientific research and our unique know-how in the fields of medical technology and pharmaceuticals make Belgium a top-medical destination.

Belgium, the heart of Europe

Belgium, the heart of Europe (Fertility Belgium)

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