Chances of success

The chart shown here is based on the results of all patients who started their first IVF-ICSI treatment in 2011, without any selection (read ‘exemption’) based on their medical profile.

For a number of age categories, the chart shows:

  • The expected cumulative chances (i.e. across various attempts),
  • of a delivery (i.e. not pregnancy or progressing pregnancy),
  • after every started cycle, the egg retrieval which yielded at least one egg.


After the possible transfer of fresh embryos and possible frozen-thawed embryos – and with strict application of the legal standards regarding the number of embryos that can be transferred.

IVF - Number of expected births2


On the vertical line you can see how many women (out of a hundred) in which age category will have delivered a baby after IVF-ICSI-treatment with possible transfer of fresh and frozen-thawed embryos.

The horizontal line shows the number of treatment cycles.

The effect of age is obvious

  • At a young age you easily become pregnant: the first treatment cycles result in a high chance of pregnancy
  • At a later age every treatment cycle results in a comparable but lower cumulative chance of pregnancy:
    • it is more difficult to get pregnant (lower chance of implantation)
    • it is more difficult to stay pregnant (higher risk of miscarriage)
  • For the group of women in the 40 to 42 age category, ten out of a hundred who start the first treatment cycle will deliver a baby. After the fourth treatment cycle, 38 women out of a hundred will have delivered a baby.

Practice has shown that it is difficult to predict your individual chances of success with an ART treatment. During the intake-consultation the doctor will always try to make the most accurate assessment possible. This is based on our medical experience, but also on results of the past.

In short, whereas in the youngest age category almost 9 out of 10 women has had a baby after six treatment cycles, in the 40 to 42 age group this is only 45%.
Beyond the age of 42 the chances of success of women who were not selected based on a better medical profile is limited: less than ten percent will deliver a baby.

And finally, if IVF-ICSI treatment with your own genetic material is without result, often due to age, it is still possible to use donor material, for example insemination by donor.

There are various possibilities to deal with fertility issues, depending on what the problem is exactly.
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