Sperm aspiration and extraction

MESA = Microscopic Epididymal Sperm Aspiration

MESA is an operation in which mature sperm cells are taken from the epididymis under general anaesthetic. This kind of operation is used in men whose semen does not contain any sperm, for example because the vas deferens is blocked (obstructive azoospermia). A blockage of this kind can be innate or acquired, but often the exact cause is not known. A typical indication is when a man who has previously been sterilised (sealing of the vas deferens) decides he does want to have children after all.

TESE = Testicular Sperm Extraction

If no sperm cells can be found in the man’s ejaculate, TESE is used to extract the sperm directly from the testicle (testis). Then the extracted sperm are introduced into the egg by ICSI. A disadvantage of the TESE procedure is that the chance of pregnancy is somewhat lower per cycle than with ordinary ICSI attempts, because the sperm are often still very immature.

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